As we begin the 2020 academic year, the CIS Department is delighted to welcome five new colleagues!

Jake Gardner

Jacob Gardner joins us as an Assistant Professor, after spending a year as a Research Scientist at Uber AI Labs. He earned his PhD in 2018 from Cornell University. His research interests are in machine learning, especially in scaling probabilistic methods to large and complex datasets.

Benjamin Lee

Benjamin Lee joins as Professor of Electrical and Systems Engineering and Computer and Information Science, after spending a number of years at Duke University. His research interests are in computer architecture, including energy efficiency, security, and the interface between computer systems and machine learning.

Tal Rabin

Tal Rabin has joined as Professor of Computer and Information Science, after spending a year as Director of Research at Algorand Inc; previously she was the head of IBM’s cryptography group. Her research interests are in cryptography, blockchain, and computer security. 

Harry Smith, Lecturer, received his Master’s from Columbia University.  He joins our teaching faculty, with interests in computer science education, data visualization, and creative computing.

Mark Yatskar

Mark Yatskar joins as Assistant Professor, after serving as a Young Investigator at the Allen Institute for Artificial Intelligence. Mark earned his PhD from the University of Washington in 2017. He is an expert in natural language processing and especially its intersection with computer vision.  He also has strong interests in fairness in machine learning. 

Welcome, Jake, Ben, Tal, Harry, and Mark!

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