After a banner year of hiring — with 10 new Assistant Professor hires starting over the next year — the CIS Department is delighted to welcome 3 new colleagues for the Fall:

Osbert Bastani develops novel techniques for programming and building that incorporate machine learning components — focusing on correctness, programmability, and efficiency. He joins us as an Assistant Professor after spending several years on the research faculty track. He completed his PhD at Stanford and was a postdoc at MIT.

Danae Metaxa develops and deploys methods for studying bias and representation in algorithmic systems and content, and more broadly works in the areas of human-computer interaction and communications. They join us as an Assistant Professor, after completing their PhD at Stanford and spending a year as a postdoc at Stanford’s Center of Philantrophy and Civil Society.

Eric Wong works on robust and reliable machine learning, including understanding, debugging, and guaranteeing the behavior of ML models. He joins us as an Assistant Professor after completing his PhD at CMU and a postdoc at MIT.

Then, in January we’ll be joined by Surbhi Goel (learning theory), Gushu Li (quantum computing systems), Lingjie Liu (graphics and neural rendering), and Mingmin Zhao (wireless sensing). Next Fall, we will welcome Ryan Marcus (machine learning systems and databases), Pratyush Mishra (cryptography, computer security, and blockchain), and Erik Waingarten (algorithms for massive datasets).

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